Vacation Rental Property Management

Short Term Rental Operations Consulting

(STR) Short Term Rental Operations Consulting

Achieve the highest possible income through advanced technology applications, concise data analysis and industry partnerships.

Avoid the pains and risks of renting short term, to take advantage of the many benefits:

  • Accelerated portfolio growth
  • Vacation home ownership.
  • Hassle-free, financially rewarding investments
  • Income reliability, longevity and freedom

STR Case Study

Joe is an investment property owner who needed to maximize his income in a densely populated neighborhood. After partnering with STR Solutions, Joe achieved much higher revenue than other homes in this area and was able to sustain the higher cost of operating his vacation rental home. After 24 months of vacation rental home ownership Joe was able to sell his investment at a profit of $200K and repurchase a larger investment in an upcoming high performance area recommended by STR Solutions.

Advanced STS Technology Solutions

Make listing an efficient process, including strategic pricing and demographic insights to ensure your investment rises above the ever-growing competition and combat market saturation.
The  elevated algorithm and advanced technology solutions respond to and trigger elite guest interaction.

Don’t leave your investment to fate or the BnB gods. The hospitality industry has a proven method of measuring and managing key metrics with software only available through commercial operators like STR Solutions. Our team leverages 18 years of industry experience and technology to maximize your profits YOY.

Technology Solutions Case Study

V.J. is a successful real estate agent whose time was divided between bringing buyers to homes and managing a growing group of vacation homes. V.J. quickly noticed he could not do both careers well due to the rapid nature of short-term stay turnovers. His nightly average declined due to poor customer service and competition from neighboring homes. STR Solutions was able to increase his monthly average revenue 33% by reaching a broader customer base and daily key performance indicator modifications. V.J. grew his primary business and commissions by over 80% the following year when his customer base satisfaction rate sored. Referrals are extremely important to his business as is his undivided attention to what he does best which is selling real estate.

Advanced STS Technology Solutions

Property Management

Esthetic perfection and impeccable cleanliness are the prime focus of our field associates and management team to ensure all guests experience that “WOW factor” upon arrival. We understand the needs and wants of our guests as well as the industry challenges when servicing the travel markets’ global visitors. With the largest team of housekeeping professionals, technicians, landscapers and local tradespeople we have all homeowner needs covered to save you time and money.

Smart Stays Property Management
Smart Stays Data Analysis

Data Analysis

With a variety of powerful software analytics at our disposal, STR Solutions is able to affect daily change to your property’s income by watching trends, anticipating market changes and seizing earning opportunities to elevate guest experience and YOUR bank account.
Revenue managers affect change at the highest level in hospitality and with robust software systems, this responsibility can be managed with a greater degree of certainty and reliability.

Revenue managers affect change at the highest level in hospitality and with the advent of robust software systems this responsibility can be managed with a greater degree of certainty and reliability. Can everyone effect positive change with these tools? Not necessarily. However with the proper skillset and time commitment these industry tools can affect major positive change to your experience in hospitality business.

Data Analysis Case Study

John is an investor with a 9 unit apartment complex. Pricing and occupancy was unpredictable and if the rate dropped too low to acquire a booking the guest quality seemed to diminish leading to issues like excessive night time noise. STR Solutions was able to discover missed opportunities due to pricing inconsistencies that required special attention.

After 3 months with STR Solutions, John’s occupancy rate was up by 50% and his RevPau (revenue per available unit or night) was up by 32%. By analysing these metrics in a proactive way, STR Solutions was able to get John back on track to success. John no longer worries about guest quality or occupancy. He knows his property is being served in the best possible way thanks to the experts at STR Solutions.


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